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O.J. Mayo And Tony Allen Got A Little Punchy During A Grizzlies’ Team Flight

Wallowing in last place at 16-19 in the Southwest Division, the season isn’t going terribly well for the Memphis Grizzlies – not that the team was expected set the NBA on fire this year – but things have unfortunately taken a bit of a pugilistic turn according to reports that teammates O.J. Mayo and Tony Allen got into some fisticuffs during a team flight back to Memphis after Sunday night’s game against the Lakers.

As is often the case in these kind of punchy situations, the cause of the escalating tensions between the two which resulted in said fight was a perfectly reasonable one:

Cards. Yep. Cards. Jesus.

Three sources have confirmed the brouhaha to CBS Sports and two of those have indicated that the moronic melee resulted with Mayo having a “swollen” face. Nice.

Shortly after initial reports, the Grizzlies released the following statement (via CBS Sports):

“There was a brief altercation between Tony Allen and O.J. Mayo. The club considers the matter closed and will not comment further.”

The fight certainly won’t quell the trade rumors currently swirling around O.J. Mayo and perhaps this incident might be what prompts the Grizzlies to finally trade the 3rd overall pick from the 2008 NBA draft, preferably to the team which originally drafted him, the Minnesota Timberwolves, because, yes, I am an absolute homer.

But in the end, one has to wonder how a silly game of cards can cause two teammates to start taking swings at each other. All I know is when I play Old Maid or Go Fish or some other game of that ilk, punching, slapping and fighting rarely ensue. Unless I’m playing Slapjack, then all bets are off. Or UNO. Draw four? That affront to my honor, good sir, are fightin’ terms. Draw this (points at fist), ya jerk.

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