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Needs More ‘Careless Whisper’: Golfers Ben Crane & Ryan Palmer Karaoke Wham!

And by “Careless Whisper,” I mean that is the auditory level PGA golfers Ben Crane and Ryan Palmer should been singing “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” because this karaoke display is absolutely dreadful. Granted, not everyone can coax their voice into the the soothing, dulcet tones I am able to when I step up to the mic during a random karaoke jam. I’m not kidding, you should hear me sing “She’s Gone” (by the way, the music video is epically epic) – I can do the parts for both Hall and Oates on that one – don’t ask me how – it’s a God-given skill and I don’t understand it myself.

As an aside, what’s the deal with professional golfers and Wham! lately? Just a few weeks ago, Lee Westwood spun a yarn regarding how he first “snogged” to a Wham! ditty, now this? The next thing you know, Ian Poultier – who is the person responsible for documenting this karaoke debacle – will be found in a not so flattering of a position with Mr. George Michael. And by that, I of course mean Poultier will sign on as Georgie Boy’s Narcotics Anonymous sponsor. Marijuana is a helluva drug…at least for George Michael,  it certainly appears to be. Sheesh.

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