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Michigan Alum: Rich Rodriguez Is The Arthur Fonzarelli Of College Coaches

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably saying to yourself, “Sit on it, Weed. Why should I give two craps about what some random Michigan alum thinks of recently-ousted Wolverines coach Rich Rodriguez? Further, how in the hell does that comparison make a lick of sense?”

Well, after I told you that talking to yourself and having imaginary conversations with sports bloggers you don’t even know is a sign of mental illness, I would inform you that the comparison to The Fonz is due to the fact that it is this alum’s opinion that Rich Rodriguez “jumped the shark” last year.

And before you try telling me to “Sit on it” again – remember, mental illness –  this particular Michigan alum who is invoking the long-treasured “jump the shark” meme isn’t some random fellow, either. He is none other than 1989 University of Michigan graduate Jon Hein, the very same Jon Hein who originally made the phrase a pop cultural phenomenon when he became the creative force behind, which interestingly now can be found at‘s site.

Here’s Hein’s logic as to how (and when) Rodriguez jumped the shark (via USA Today):

Jon Hein says it came when the team was cited last year for practicing too much and still “wasn’t getting any better.”

Fair enough. Now, if the guy who originally came up with the “jumped the shark” meme literally jumped a shark, would the internet implode upon itself? Or has posing the theory that some particular event is capable of destroying the internet jumped the shark in its own right?

Man, my head hurts.

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