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Hall Of Fame: Blyleven, Alomar In, Rafael Palmeiro Chooses Lethal Injection

"I want spaghetti as my last meal...period."

The official results are in, and there were really no surprises in the results of who’s in and who’s out of the Baseball Hall of Fame: both Bert Blyleven (79.7%) and Roberto Alomar (90%) easily surpassed the required 75% of the vote total needed for enshrinement while anyone connected with PEDs were shunned like lepers, including Mark McGwire, whose vote total went down from 23.7% last year to 19.8% this year. But the saddest sack of all is without a doubt Rafael Palmeiro, whose desperate insistence that he “never used steroids…period” is quickly becoming more than a minor annoyance.

As you recall, Palmeiro has repeatedly insisted that his positive test stemmed from a tainted B-12 shot he received from then-teammate Miguel Tejada. Well, the fact that he received a paltry 11% of the vote definitely will not sit well with Palmeiro, who already feels he has been condemned to death due to the wrongful accusations made against him, as evidenced by the heavy dose of hyperbole loaded into the comments he made to the Baltimore Sun on Tuesday (via Daily Pitch):

“It is unfortunate that in the end of my career to have something like that happen. For something to happen like that to me is unbelievable; it is beyond belief. It’s almost like assuming a death sentence, like getting the death penalty.”

Jeez, over-exaggerate much? His “Woe is Me” act makes Bert B’yleven’s incessant whining over the past 14 years seem tame by comparison. Lighten up, Palmeiro. Modern day executions are quite humane. You’ll hardly feel a thing. Kind of like a tainted B-12 injection.

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