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Finally, Matt Millen Arrives At A Moment Of Clarity Regarding His Tenure As Lions CEO

From 2001-2008, Matt Millen oversaw the Detroit Lions organization as the President/CEO. During that time, as we all remember, Millen ran that team straight into the ground, primarily with his questionable approach to the draft which essentially consisted of taking the best wide receiver on the board and blindly – as well as idiotically – hoping for the best. That philosophy resulted in a 31-81 record during Millen’s tenure and he was mercifully fired in September of 2008.

Which brings us to the present. Another former NFL star will seize the reins of a franchise, only this time it is out in Denver, where John Elway will take over as the head of the Broncos’ football department after a news conference later today. This gave Mike Klis a brilliant idea: seek out someone who failed miserably in the task now presented to Elway to see if the miraculous failure can impart some hard-learned wisdom to the Broncos legend. Of course, no person is better suited for that than one Matt Millen.

Klis allows Millen to provide some advice to Elway about how to go about things correctly – as in, not the way he did it – but the money quote from the column is how Millen wishes Elway the best of luck in this endeavor while simultaneously summarizing his reign of terror while heading up the Lions organization:

“I hope John does better than I did, because I stunk at it,” Millen said.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Good for Matt Millen and his moment of crystal clear clarity, although it sure took long enough.

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