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When Taken Out Of Context, This Headline Says It All About The Popularity Of Cycling

While the “Coma” in headline is Spanish rider Marc Coma, one could argue – at least I would – that it could also be in reference to the quasi-vegetative state Americans fall into whenever they experience the indignity of being forced to watch a cycling race. Further, any “lead” or inroads cycling has made in this country (as it pertains to the popularity of the sport) due to Lance Armstrong’s dominance of the sport have quickly been forgotten due to the cyclist’s colossal douchebaggery and alleged juicing.

You know, I was just thinking, if it requires so much work to explain a semi-amusing comedic bit, maybe it wasn’t worth it. Nah, it was so worth it. It’s high time cycling gets taken down a notch, amirite? I mean, in other countries. Not here. Most of you Americans have already moved on from this post. But just so you know, the Sportress is huge in South America. In a way, the site is the Sergio Mendes of sports blogs down there.

Coma wins stage and cuts into bike lead [San Diego Union Tribune]