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Tim Tebow ‘Blessed’ Reference Tracker: Two In Partial Radio Interview Transcript

In case you hadn’t heard, Tim Tebow, given all the good fortune he has experienced in life, feels tremendously blessed. And he isn’t afraid to incorporate articulating how truly blessed he feels into damn near every time someone sticks a microphone in his cherubic face (he looks like an angel, does he not?). I first began tracking the Tebow’s Enuncitory Blessed Overused When Narrating Emission Ratio (TEBOWNER, for short) last March, and while my dedication to the study has waxed and waned over time, has always been something I have kept my eye on.

Which brings us to today. Tebow joined 104.3 in Denver recently to discuss his burgeoning, yet still developing, NFL quarterbacking career and what it is like for him to hear criticism from all his naysayers. In a word, he still feels blessed. Shocking.

Via Sports Radio Interviews:

How hard it is to hear the criticism about him and his game:

“Well it is frustrating but at the same time I definitely have to thank them because those people and what they say definitely fuel me and I believe make me a lot better, and it’s been very similar all the way since I was a freshman in high school when they wouldn’t let me play quarterback my freshman year in high school and they said I wasn’t good enough and I could never do it, and then I just had to start proving them wrong then and find a place that would let me play quarterback and ended up having a decent high school career, and then along the way through college and a lot of different times people have told me that you can’t accomplish this, you can’t do this, you’re not good enough to do this, and I believe that is one of the great things about sports trying to overcome obstacles and fighting through adversity, and it’s not a huge adversity, it’s just little things.  People say I am not good enough and can’t do it and we are just playing a sport.  At the end of the day it doesn’t necessarily matter too much, but it matters a lot to me because I want to be the best I can be and prove people that I can play at this level and that is a goal in mind that I really want to try and accomplish and I am very blessed to have that opportunity to try and do that in November.”

Whether anyone has given him some advice about the NFL that has stuck with him:

“That is a very good question.  I have been blessed a lot to have a lot of support around me, to have a lot of different people mentoring me and feeding good information towards me.  I have had a lot of great players around me to give me some support, ex-Denver Broncos and current Denver Broncos, but I think also hearing it from other teams has been great, but definitely Brian Dawkins has been very instrumental and encouraging to me and just before the game and have him say ‘I believe in you and I am right behind you.  Let’s go get this thing done.’  I was like, that is pretty cool just before the game to realize where I am at right now and to have Brian Dawkins say that to me, I was pretty fired up and I definitely felt, I wouldn’t say more of a burden but passion to be able to go win this game and win it for this team, win it for these fans and this community because it means so much and I care about it so much and I definitely took that to heart and I definitely, that motivated me for sure.”

Only two? That’s weaksauce, Tim Tebow. Definitely down from a quote that first got me interested in the TEBOWNER phenomenon last spring in which Tebow managed to incorporate some variant of the “blessed” an astounding five times in one thirty-nine word quote. And we have to remember, this is only a partial transcript of the entire interview. Lord only knows how many times he mentioned blessings, blessed or even sneaked in a “God Bless You” when one of the radio guys sneezed during the entirety of the interview. I could have checked myself, but I can only tolerate so much piety emanating from my speakers. It’s a cross to bear, I know, but one I am not up to carrying.

But at least we know he still feels blessed. That’s a blessing in its own right…right?

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