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Sportress Of Blogitude’s Wild Kingdom: ‘Unkillable’ Cow’s Bloodthirst Cannot Be Quenched

Oscar Wilcox, a 70-year-old ranch owner living in Fort Pierce, Florida, was minding his own business on New Year’s Day as he set to make some repairs to a fence on his property. That’s when the situation got a little messy, thanks to a “nasty,” “unkillable,” and obviously bloodthirsty cow, and things didn’t calm down until Wilcox ended up in the hospital in critical condition.


When Wilcox’s wife heard him scream, she drove to the pasture and saw the cow attacking him.

The cow, which had already been shot at least once by Wilcox with a .22 caliber pistol, wasn’t going down without a fight.

To get it off her husband, Wilcox’s wife began ramming it repeatedly with her truck. When that didn’t work, she opened fire with the pistol that Wilcox had dropped in the encounter.

The crossbred cow, which sported 12 to 18-inch horns, was shot several times in the face, according to a police report. It was finally contained in the pasture.

“(Wilcox’s wife) stated that the cow has always been nasty and had attacked her about a week ago causing bruises,” the report states.

Yikes. That’s one mean-ass cow. I bet those damn Chick-fil-A cows pictured above would get quite the hoot – or moo – if they ever heard about this evil cow’s antics. But I would like to speak seriously about those Chick-fil-A cows: while an amusing ad campaign, bovine illiteracy is not, nor should it ever be, a laughing matter. Learn to spell, you damn dirty cows.