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So, Um, ESPN Is, Like, Totally Sorry About Hannah & Adam’s ‘High-Five-Gate’

In a prompt response to ‘High-Five Heard ‘Round The World’ (seriously, has a high-five from throughout human history ever generated more commentary than the one between Hannah Storm and Adam Schefter on SportsCenter yesterday? Well, other than the multitude of awkward high fives which have occurred between Tiger Woods and Stevie Williams over the years, of course), ESPN has issued an apology regarding the two on-air personalities appearing as if they were taking a ginormous, steaming dump on recently fired Eric Mangini’s coaching grave. But here’s the rub: it was all over an inside joke, you see. According to Sports Media Watch, “Storm and Schefter later explained that co-anchor Josh Elliot had ‘[challenged] them to see if they got breaking news on the set’ or some such nonsense.

The apology (via USA Today):

“Their actions were inappropriate, and they immediately recognized this and acknowledged it on-air,” says ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz in a statement. “While they were not making light of the firing itself, everyone involved understands how difficult it is on individuals to lose their jobs and the effect it can have on their families, and ESPN apologizes for the incident.”

So, all’s well that ends well, right? Let bygones be bygones, as they say? Good, great, glad to hear it. Although, life seemed so much simpler when Hannah Storm’s appearances on SportsCenter only generated controversy when she dressed like a red Go-Go boot-wearing harlot. Simpler times. Sexier times.

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