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Hoo Boy: Rex Ryan Wants To ‘Put The Shoe On The Other Foot’ Come Saturday Night

With the Jets facing Rex Ryan’s personal quarterbacking nemesis Peyton Manning in the teams’ AFC Wild Card matchup on Saturday night, here’s what Ryan had to say regarding his squads’ – both the Jets and Ravens when he served as that team’s defensive coordinator – penchant for frequently coming up short against a Manning-led Colts team and how he would like nothing more than to have those roles reversed (via the New York Post):

“You lose a playoff game, it kills you, it’s devastating,” Ryan said. “I want to put the shoe on the other foot. I know this team does, too. We want [Manning] to experience it this time. I respect heck out of this guy, but I’m going to beat him one day. I just hope it’s this Saturday.”

Yamma hamma. Yeah, in light of his alleged predilection for phalengeal-based perversions,  I bet Sexy Rexy wishes he could take that particular little quote back. Talk about sticking your foot in your mouth.

Excitable Jets coach wants ‘shoe on the other foot’ (honest!) [New York Post]