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Forget Waffles, Tim Hortons’ Maple Leafs Doughnuts Are Much More Aerodynamic

You know, because Maple Leafs fans have been chucking waffles onto the ice at Air Canada Centre to illustrate their frustrations with their beloved, yet inept, NHL franchise. The More You Know and whatnot.

Well, waffles, as the Toronto Star puts it, are “so 2010” now that Ontario-based Tim Hortons has introduced a Maple Leafs-themed doughnut that will be available at the 320 Tim Hortons locations in Toronto every day the Leafs have a home game. So get yourself a dozen (or a baker’s dozen, if you’re so inclined), Leafs fans, and get to throwing these blue and white bad boys to your blackened hearts’ content!

The special edition doughnut is a vanilla-dipped (what? No maple? What a missed opportunity!), deep-fried confection featuring blue and white sprinkles and the Canadian institution hopes it will somehow help turn around the beleaguered franchise.

Via the Toronto Star:

“We’re hoping the doughnuts will help the Leafs. And if that doesn’t work, the Leafs should help us with the doughnuts,” said Tim Hortons spokesperson David Morelli.

Oh. I see how it is, Tim Hortons. Who cares if the Leafs flop as long as your company turns a profit. I guess the only thing Tim Hortons cares about is the sweet and sugary lure of the almighty Loonie. Figures.

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