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Bad Freaking Ass: Augusta National Included In ‘Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12’

The interwebs practically exploded earlier this morning due to the announcement that for the first time ever, the revered Augusta National Golf Course will be included in a video game: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: Masters. I meant to get to the news item sooner but I got sidetracked playing a thrilling round of golf on the appropriately named, Golf , on my Nintendo Entertainment System. Good stuff.

Anyhoo, video game golfophiles, myself included, are thrilled at the news that we will finally be able to play Augusta National in a video game. The release date is March 29, nine days before the real Masters tees off in Georgia, and I have to admit, I am more excited about this announcement than I probably should be.

So is Tiger Woods, who, for the first time, does not appear on the cover of his own game…I wonder why.


“This is great for the sport and will connect a new audience with the Masters, a tournament I’ve been fortunate to experience since 1995,” said Woods, a four-time Masters champion. “Continually growing the visibility of golf is important to attracting newcomers to the sport, and I agree that showcasing the Masters Tournament in the game will bring an entirely new dimension to that approach.”

Official video announcement trailer follows.


Among the other tidbits from the announcement: Hello friends, Jim Nantz will lend his velvety, dulcet tones to the game. From the press release (via Game On!):

Feel the emotion of every swing as called by the all-new commentary team of Jim Nantz and David Feherty, who headline a completely revamped TV broadcast presentation package.

Feherty is more than alright in my book, but Nantz? Well, I guess you have to take the bad with the good sometimes.

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