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OMG! Some Internet Troglodyte Called David Beckham A Pig On A Message Board!

I guess you could say The Sun is having what we call in the business as a “slow news day.” What “business” am I referring to, you ask? That’s confidential.

Anyway, apparently lots of folks are in a huff regarding David Beckham’s far-from-committed commitment to the Los Angeles Galaxy of the MLS as his name is once again being bandied about for yet another loan to a Euro squad. The details and how all this transfer stuff works evades me, but The Sun felt it newsworthy to report on the grievous issue relating to the fact that some anonymous, troglodytic commenter on some random message board called Becks a “selfish damn pig.” Oh, the humanity!

Furious LA Galaxy fans claim he is ‘abandoning’ their club again for another European loan deal.

One irate supporter blasted on a fans’ forum: “How about this selfish damn pig plays at least half the games in a Galaxy season at least once during his contract?

“How about he shows some commitment to this club to match his words?

“And how about someone at Galaxy has the balls to say ‘No! You’re under contract’.”

Darn tootin’, man. Darn tootin’. That’ll learn ’em. No one treats the anonymous Los Angeles Galaxy fan community like this and gets away with it without stern, useless commentary! Much like this pointless commentary regarding someone else’s pointless commentary. It’s cyclical, you see.

Beckham is a pig, say LA fans [The Sun]