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Was KG’s Injury Karmic Payback For His ‘Cancer Patient’ Comments To Villanueva?

It is often said that “karma’s a bitch” and perhaps we saw evidence of that philosophy last night when Kevin Garnett grimaced after dunking late in the first quarter with what Celtics coach Doc Rivers refers to as a “muscle injury, not a knee” injury to his right leg during Boston’s 104-92 loss to the Detroit Pistons.

Given that this was the first meeting between the teams since Charlie Villanueva took to the Tweets to accuse KG of referring to the Celtics forward as a “cancer patient” during a November 2nd game. Of course, Garnett emphatically denied saying such a thing, hilariously claiming he instead said “You are cancerous to your team and our league.”

As a stifle my chuckling once again due to the way KG pathetically backpedaled, one could argue that karmic payback was in play and that is the reason Garnett crumpled to the floor in the rematch.

Be that as it may (or may not, depending on your views regarding unseen, mystical forces affecting our daily lives due to our previous actions – or inactions, as the case may be), Villanueva was pretty primed for the game due to the bad blood between the two players, getting called for a foul on KG just 10 seconds into the game.

Via the Detroit Free Press:

“I just went out there and tried to be physical, tried to be felt right away,” said Villanueva, who did not acknowledge Garnett before the game. “I think I got he message across.”

Villanueva was slapped with his second foul at 9:12. He went to the bench at 9:03 and missed the rest of the first quarter.

“It was very frustrating, but sometimes I let my emotions get the best of me and whatnot,” Villanueva said of his foul trouble. “But the second half I refocused and the game started coming my way.”

Even better, his trash-talking nemesis was out of the game and back in the locker room by the time he returned. Payback – and karma – can be quite the bitch, man.

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