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Steve Nash Could Have Used A Bottle Of Vitaminwater Last Night Or Something

Off the court, Steve Nash may be one of the coolest, funniest, laid-back dudes on the planet – his hilarious Vitaminwater videos, along with whatever the hell this Balls Talk vid is all about clearly illustrate that supposition as an irrevocable fact. On the court, meanwhile, Nash is one fiery competitor. And that hyper-competitiveness might have gotten the best of him last night, if what separate sources are alleging about something Nash said to his coach Alvin Gentry during the Suns’ 123-110 loss to the 76ers in Phoenix is any indication.

Upset about some calls that weren’t going the Suns’ way, Nash apparently had this to say to Coach Gentry after being assessed a technical foul in the 4th quarter, apparently in reference to the referees (from Fanhouse, via The Basketball Jones):

ā€œIā€™m going to f*****g punch one of these motherf*****s in the face.ā€

Yeesh. That seems way out of character for him. What in the holy hell has gotten into the Nashter? Oh yeah, the Phoenix Suns suck major balls this season. Almost forgot about that.

Marcin Gortat Rips Suns Defense After Disappointing Loss to Sixers [Fanhouse (via The Basketball Jones)]