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Step Away From The Laptop! Oney Guillen Makes Subdued Radio Appearance

In attempt to justify – or at least explain – his recent Twitter-based offensive on former White Sox closer Bobby Jenks, Oney Guillen appeared on Chicago radio station WSCR with Bernstein and Rozner. Head-scratching commentary ensued.

Via Sports Radio Interviews:

On why he used Twitter to unlaunch on Bobby Jenks:

“Somebody else, one of my cousins that was online, just made it aware to me that I guess Bobby had said a couple things about the Sox … and I saw that he took a couple personal attacks at the manager and the team, for that matter. … Players have done that before … but I just thought that was very disrespectful and very unloyal of him to do that to a team that really, really, really stood behind this guy, more than any of you guys will know.”

On revealing Jenks’ problems such as drinking issues and marital problems via Twitter:

“Obviously maybe I should’ve stepped away from the laptop. … I guess I was a little heated and I wish I could take [it back], because I do know his wife and his kids and that’s a pretty good family. I wish I wouldn’t have said that, but I did. I stand behind what I said.

On what possible damage could’ve been done to his father’s name because of Jenks’ comments:

“Well, I guess maybe you and I don’t know. You don’t know if any damage was done to my dad or the team or any of that. We can just assume.”

Alrighty then. To be honest – and be sure to check out the entirety of the interview – I believe I now know less about what in the hell Oney Guillen could have possibly been thinking launching his Twitter tirade then I did beforehand. This guy is like an impulsive mystery wrapped inside an enraged enigma stuffed into a poorly proselytizing puzzle.

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