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Screw ‘Who’s Now,’ ESPN Is All About ‘NEXT’ These Days

I cannot be the only person who gleefully remembers “Who’s Now”, one the biggest epic fails ever inflicted upon the SportsCenter-watching masses by The Worldwide Leader In Sports. Not only was it mocked and ridiculed mercilessly on the interwebs back in 2007, it was summarily dismissed and indiscriminately lambasted by the then ESPN Ombudsman, Le Anne Schreiber – remember when the ESPN Ombudsman actually did some, um, ombudsing?

In the end, no one cared about the results and we somehow managed to move on with our lives after the moronic bit. Well, ESPN has been thinking about some stuff lately – they are what we like to refer to in the business as a forward-thinking organization – no time to look back, no time to stay mired in the present. In their eyes, it’s all about the future, or as ESPN has chosen to put it: NEXT. And you better pay attention to what “NEXT” is – or is going to be, I guess – lest you fall behind and look like an idiot…next month, next year, next decade…whenever. Just give heed, peasants.

The upcoming issue of ESPN The Magazine is where “NEXT” has been determined and according to this release, the issue is going to be a page-turner.

Via ESPN Media Zone:

After much deliberation, ESPN The Magazine has found the athlete destined to make the biggest impact on sports in the coming year…and for years to come. Hitting .305 and blasting 18 homers—as well as handling baseball’s best pitching staff—San Francisco Giants catcher and NL Rookie of the Year Buster Posey is The Mag’s NEXT athlete. Along with Posey, Thrashers wing Evander Kane, Clippers forward Blake Griffin and LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson were all chosen as NEXT in their respective sport.

NEXT, baby. NEXT. These are the folks we’ll be talking about…at some point. Perhaps we already are, in a way. But remember, these folks are most certainly not NOW. That would be ridiculous, wouldn’t it?

ESPN The Magazine Declares SF Giants’ Buster Posey as its NEXT Athlete [ESPN Media Zone]