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Kill Your Television: Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom Get Their Own Reality Spinoff

F**k me running.

Us Weekly is reporting that newly designated bench player Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian have apparently been rewarded for whatever it is they do by being given their own reality series. An insider (publicist) told the rag that the series will begin shooting in the spring, which means that there will be, according to my count, three – yes, three – reality shows polluting cable television featuring the mutant offspring from the Kardashian brood.

Apparently, the new Kardashian-Odom series on E! will be in the same vein as the Jessica Simpson-Nick Lachey trainwreck, Newlyweds, the only difference being the latter featured an attractive gal – at least back then she was – and the former, um, does not so much.

Via FOX Sports:

“They’re so cute, playing off one another,” another source said of the pair, who married in September 2009.

(violently dry heaves)

I am in no way resorting to hyperbole when I argue that this will be the worst spinoff since Three’s A Crowd, and that’s saying something.

Report: Odom, Khloe to star in spinoff [FOX Sports]
[H/T Ned’s Atomic Dustbin]