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Adam Schefter Will Not Be Limited To The NFL As It Pertains To Outlandish Assertions

Adam Schefter, along with Chris Mortensen, are ESPN’s much ballyhooed “NFL Insider” tandem. While accurate and responsible for the most part, there have been plenty of occasions where it appears these guys are simply picking up a big pile of crap, forming it into a ball and chucking it at a wall and hoping it sticks. Apparently, Schefter has grown tired of the rigmarole of the daily grind of being an NFL Insider. On an apparent lark, Schefter took a stab at working outside his comfort zone by testing his “insiding” skills in the arena of college football.

Schefter, a Michigan alum, speculated during a recent podcast that while the 49ers would love to get their hands on Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh for their vacant head coaching position, Schefter offers up the outlandish assertion that Harbaugh might be instead heading to Ann Arbor to replace the yet-to-be-but-probably-will-be- fired Rich Rodriguez.

Via the Detroit Free Press:

They’d love Jim Harbaugh from Stanford. My understanding is that it’s going to be very difficult for them to get him, and I don’t think he’ll wind up there. The sense is that Jim Harbaugh will wind up at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, coaching the Maize and Blue.

“Again, this is the buzz around the league. This is what people, smart people think is going to happen. That’s the sense of people that I know and trust and respect, that Harbaugh will not go to the Niners, that he will go to Michigan, and it’ll be up to another NFL job to see if it could entice him and prevent him from going to a place like Michigan.

“But the one thing I feel certain about, Jim Harbaugh is going to leave Stanford.”

Is it possible that Harbaugh will end up at Michigan? Sure. Anything is possible. Harbaugh did play QB for the Wolverines and this hasn’t been the first time his name has been mentioned in respect to the Michigan head coaching job. But I’m not buying it. Not yet. Further, as a Michigan alum himself, is it possible that Schefter might be using his considerable public persona in a self-serving manner to further advance the rumor and rampant speculation, thereby giving it more legs than it might deserve?

What’s that? Schefter said the people who are feeding him this line are “smart people”? Well then, that’s a different story altogether. Run with it, Adam. Run with it like the wind!

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