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Tucker Carlson Is Going To Be Pissed: Producer Says Obama Golfs A Lot

In light of the Tucker-Man’s bloviating meltdown regarding President Obama calling Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie to commend him for giving Michael Vick a second chance, Lord only knows how Tucker will respond if  he happens to follow producer John Kim on Twitter and reads the following two tweets where Kim pokes fun at the President’s frequent golf outings. I guess we’ll have to tune in to FOX News tonight and see…nah.

Via Politico‘s post, “Barack Obama Golfs A Lot, Producer Says” (who wrote that headline? Yoda?):

In response to learning of Obama’s 50-plus rounds of golf since taking office, Kim wrote, “that’s more than me! But then again, my job is … golf. Wait, that doesn’t seem right.”

And, later: “the old adage is: those who work in golf never get to play. Guess I need to run for President to hit the links!”

Commander in Chief? More like Handicapper in Grief, amirite? Yeah, I got nothing.

Barack Obama Golfs A Lot, PGA Producer Says [Politico]