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Interesting: NFL Coaches Who Appear In Those Coors Light Ads Earn…Something

How much, exactly? Can’t say. Although I thought I was about to find out when I clicked through on a column entitled, “How Much Do Former Coaches Make From Those Coors Light Ads?” found on Sports Biz with Darren Rovell. Unfortunately, hard numbers were not included in Rovell’s report, but there was this: Jim Mora, Herm Edwards, Dennis Green, Marv Levy and the like to make a little scratch for their appearances.

“The coaches get a rights fee,” said Tom George, senior vice president of athlete property marketing at Octagon, who negotiated the Coors Light deals for Billick and Edwards.

“So they don’t get paid for each time it runs. It’s basically compensation for use of their image and voice and it’s commensurate with the money a celebrity might make when they are in some way associated with the product without taking any time away to do it,” George said.

Interesting. But how much is that, exactly? Are we talking a payday in the thousands, tens of thousands, more? It’s hard to say based on the information provided. But at least we know that they do get something out of getting semi-lampooned by the insertion of video depicting some of their less-than-stellar press conference moments.

And finally, a final thought on the long-term viability of these ads – aside from the fact that Bud Light will replace Coors Light as the official beer of the NFL next season, so the end is nigh for this particular campaign – courtesy of Darren Rovell:

If I can inject my take here, as I do frequently on this space, these commercials were funny for about a year and a half, but I think they’ve entirely lost their novelty and NFL fans just drown them out. Or should I say, the ad have “run their Coors.”

Hoo boy.

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