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Don’t Give Me No Lip About Sidney Crosby Lip Balm

Hey, Sid the Kid: do you kiss your mother with those chapped lips? Not anymore, thanks to Sidney Crosby Lip Balm!

Sure, Crosby’s 25-game point streak is arguably the biggest news story currently going regarding the Official NHL Poster Child, but if you ask me, this latest bit of news which has sadly flown under the radar blows Sid’s Streak out of the water. In one of the manliest endorsement of a product by a professional athlete ever, the fans in Pittsburgh will have the sublimely hilarious Sidney Crosby Lip Balm to thank for keeping their respective labia oris (no really, that’s the medical term) nice and moist and healthy during the upcoming Winter Classic and throughout the frigid winter.

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (via Puck Daddy):

If you’re a lucky ticket holder for this weekend’s Winter Classic, be sure to stock up on Sidney Crosby Lip Balm. You’ll need it out there! Plus, let’s face it, girls, it’s probably the only way you’ll get Mr. Crosby that close to your lips!

What are they trying to say exactly about Mr. Crosby? Does he not want to get close to the lips of any icky girls? Is he afraid he is going to get Cooties or something? Or is this somehow a dig on the relative attractiveness of Yinzer women? Hard to say.

This lip-smacking endorsement should open up a lot of doors as it relates to endorsement opportunities for Crosby in the body and skin care arena. Just think of it: Sidney Crosby Shea Butter, Sidney Crosby At-Home Manicure & Pedicure Kit, Sidney Crosby Anti-Aging Skin Renewal Mud Mask, Sidney Crosby Mustache Wax…

Okay, forget about the mustache wax. But the other examples are endorsement gold, baby.

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