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U.S. Hockey Player Calls Buffalo A ‘Ghost Town’ On Twitter, Angers Buffalonians

The fine city of Buffalo, New York, a ghost town? That’s kooky talk!

Emerson Etem, an American junior hockey player currently in Buffalo for the World Junior Hockey Championships, drew the ire of residents of the idyllic New York town due to tweets he made disparaging the city’s good name as a world-renowned, hip, happening and hot tourist destination.

Via the Vancouver Sun:

Late Monday afternoon, Etem wrote: “much needed day off, buffalo is a ghost town!! the worst city ever, it makes medicine hat look like paradise, never thought ide say that.”

Medicine Hat. But, but that’s in freaking Canada! How dare he besmirch Buffalo by comparing it to – *gasp* – a Canuckistani city?

Referring to his unfiltered critique of Buffalo via Twitter as a “poorly written Tweet” – “ide”? ya think? – Etem has since taken down the Tweet in question and offered his apologies to Buffalonians and anyone else who happened to take offense to him having the audacity of doing something as crass and thoughtless as casually stating his opinion on a particular topic.

“My point to get across was not to put down a great host city like this,” he said. “I know a lot of people put in time and effort to make this thing possible. For me, it’s the middle of winter – people aren’t out and it’s really cold outside.”

To add credence to his negative outlook regarding the beautiful, majestic city of Buffalo, New York, would it help to point out that Etem hails from Long Beach, California? The LBC? Lemme see, Long Beach, Buffalo, Long Beach, Buffalo…really, it’s the ultimate toss up. Not that I am in any position to be sarcastic regarding frigid, hostile winter conditions. I live in Minnesota, for crying out loud. Some days, Minnesota makes Medicine Hat look as nice as Buffalo. Or something.

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