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SI Gives Colin Cowherd The Award For ‘Worst Rant’ In 2010 Media Awards Column

There are few things I love more about sports than some good old-fashioned media-on-media haterade, especially when said haterade is directed at one of the biggest loudmouthed jagoffs in the business, ESPN’s resident a-hole Colin Cowherd.

In his fascination and must-read “Media Awards for 2010”, SIs Richard Deitsch lambastes Cowherd while bestowing upon the ESPN blowhard the “Worst Rant” award along with an honorable mention in the Worst Rant category.

Cowherd’s first idiotic rant, as you will likely recall as it set the internets ablaze, was a misguided and misdirected tirade against Wizards rookie John Wall. If you require a refresher, an entire transcript of said vocal diarrhea can be found in Deitsch’s column, but here’s how the SI writer characterized it:

In a misguided and spectacularly irresponsible character assassination of a quality kid, Cowherd went off on Wizards rookie guard John Wall, a 20-year-old praised by teammates and management alike for his professionalism and unselfishness. His take below was reckless, without research and met with silence by ESPN executives and most on-air people in Bristol with the exception of ESPN Radio host Doug Gottlieb, who prefaced his objection with man-love for Cowherd before illuminating why his colleague was so wrong. Thankfully, some media members, led by the Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg and Sporting News’s Mike DeCourcy, took the radio host to the woodshed. Remember, Cowherd’s asinine take came after Wall’s third career game.

Beautiful. I love the smell of unadulterated condemnation of Colin Cowherd in the afternoon. It smells like…victory.

note: Deitsch’s screed against Cowherd’s honorable mention worst rant is brilliant as well.

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