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Premature E-Coronation: Selling Wisconsin Rose Bowl Championship Shirts

In what sure will whip up TCU fans into, um, whatever it is a Horned Frog will do when its angry,’s Rose Bowl shop is prematurely selling 2011 Rose Bowl t-shirts coronating the Wisconsin Badgers as champions.

Now, a lot of people are going to assert that the decision to sell these shirts before the game has even been played illustrates the biases inherent to the current BCS setup as it pertains to its attitudes regarding mid-major teams, but I have another theory: TCU fans are too smart and classy to even think of purchasing a “Rose Bowl Champions” shirt while Wisconsin fans are so cocky, brazen and overconfident that they believe a Rose Bowl victory for the Badgers in the “Granddaddy Of Them All” is a foregone conclusion. Either that or ESPN doesn’t think they have the internet in Fort Worth yet. One of the two. Or possibly there’s some other reason to explain all of it. Don’t ask me, I’m no expert in e-commerce.

At least we know that if the Badgers somehow lose to the Horned Frogs, there will some very happy kids in some Third World Nation who will be sporting these shirts in no time. That’s nice.

[H/T Friends of the Program]