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Photo Finished: Saints WR Robert Meachem Injured After Tripping Over Photographer

Talk about a freak injury. New Orleans Saints wide receiver had to be carried off the field after injuring himself when he tripped over a photographer during the Saints’ postseason-clinching 17-14 victory over the Atlanta Falcons on Monday night. Making matters worse, if possible, is that Meachem was coming off his best game of the season, catching 10 passes for 101 yards. Meachem’s status is uncertain at this time, but hopefully he’ll be in good enough shape to play next week where he can up the comically unfair injury ante by getting his head stuck in a cone on the sideline.

It is simply crazy to think that a professional football player, given the incredible potential for injury their job entails, could hurt themselves in such a seemingly innocuous incident. Although it should be pointed out that these kind of things happen all the time, where a person gets injured, far away from the inherent risks found at their job: the construction worker cutting his hand while slicing vegetables, the fireman throwing his back out while getting clothes out of the dryer or even worse, me pulling a hamstring while walking up a flight of stairs, or any other activity which requires minimal physical exertion.

Just be careful out there, folks. The world is a dangerous place.

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