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Holy Hubris, Batman! Urban Meyer Might Be Interested In Joining ESPN

Jeez, talk about a match made in hubris heaven. While many people have speculated that Urban Meyer was on his way to Denver to reunite with Tim Tebow, the soon-to-be “retired” Florida Gators head coach has come out and admitted that he might be keenly interested in joining ESPN’s stable of college football analysts. Look out, Lou Holtz.

While he was in New York City, someone at ESPN invited Meyer to their studios and apparently, the coach felt right at home, even serving as a studio guest for the network’s halftime show during the Las Vegas Bowl. Speaking at a joint press conference with Joe Paterno on Tuesday for the Outback Bowl, here’s what Meyer had to say regarding his impromptu field trip to ESPN (via Tampa Bay Online):

“I took my family up to New York City, that’s where they wanted to go,” said Meyer, who announced his resignation from Florida on Dec. 8 because he wanted to spend more time with family. “We went and had three of the greatest days we’ve ever had together and (ESPN) called up and said, ‘Why don’t you drive up for the day?’ So, I brought my son and he loved it.

“What I found out, what a place, what great people. I’m not concerned about that until after (the Outback Bowl). But I’ll have to do something, and if Coach (Joe) Paterno doesn’t hire me I’m going to have to (find something).”

Ha. He’s going to have to find work. That’s rich. And the thought of Meyer joining the ranks of the media makes perfect sense, especially in light of the wonderful relationship he has had with the media over the years. Oh, wait. Well, perhaps Meyer smarmily believes his awe-inspiring, ethical and glorious presence can lend a modicum of credibility and integrity to the once disgraceful profession. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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