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Holy Crap! Fans Willing To Forgive Past Transgressions If Player Performs Well!

ZOMG! (head asplodes)

I wouldn’t have believed it hadn’t I seen it dazzling black and white pie charts (the USA Today mocks and ridicules the Philadelphia Daily News‘ archaic graphics): if a player with a lot of baggage, say, potential MVP candidate Michael Vick, plays well and performs admirably while leading his new team to success, the attitudes of the fans of said team can remarkably shift and become much more positive regarding the player in question.

(remaining pieces of my skull, brain matter and spine asplode as well)

As I clean up the bloody mess, here are the  statistically pants-pooping-causing details of how Eagles fans, whose attitudes originally ranged from skeptical to adamantly opposed to the prospect of bringing in Michael Vick,  have grown to lurve their new quarterback, despite his numerous and heinous past transgressions  (via the Philadelphia Daily News):

A survey conducted by the Daily News in conjunction with the Sports Industry Research Center at Temple University indicated that 60 percent of all respondents said they had a more positive view of Michael Vick when asked if his performance on and off the field had changed their opinion of him. Sixteen percent said that the positive feelings they had toward him remained unchanged. Thus, 76 percent had favorable feelings toward Vick. Of the 24 percent who had a negative opinion of Vick, 23 percent said their feelings remained unchanged, and 1 percent said they were more negative.

Additionally, fans who said that the Eagles were their favorite team had a very high satisfaction level in how Vick has performed: 54 percent said they were “very satisfied” in him and another 31 percent said they were “satisfied.” Only 1 percent said they were “dissatisfied,” and less than 1 percent said they were “very dissatisfied.” Thirteen percent said they were “neutral.”

That’s some crazy stuff right there. Does this study indicate that fans are willing to forgive, forget and dismiss anything and everything just so long as their  beloved teams are winning? I mean, who woulda thunk it? And just imagine if those informative pie charts had been in color. Talk about head asploding!

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