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The Tennessee Titans’ Poorly Photoshopped Holiday Card Is Hilarious

Oh man. That is some awfully epic Photoshoppery fail right there.

The digs on the haphazardly thrown together card, courtesy of ESPN’s NFL Nation blog:

I’m told the idea for the card was hatched a good while back, probably in October. So let’s not go too crazy with it as a message sender.

Adams and some Christmas hats were photo-shopped in, and the owner got to wish people happy holidays with his beloved quarterback leaning on his shoulder. There is nothing unusual about an owner wanting to be flanked by two of his stars.

Nope, nothing wrong with it at all. And despite the fact that the idea was come up with long before his ugly split with Vince Young,  I imagine the card was definitely not seen as glad tidings and well wishes by one Jeff Fisher, who has at least somewhat laid out an “It’s me or him” situation with his former starting quarterback, a mess Adams will have no choice but addressing this offseason.

But beyond that little nugget of after-the-fact symbolism, what really matters here is that an incredibly wealthy NFL franchise actually sent these half-assed abominations out as their holiday card. Ouch. Why not add some MS Paint graphics to this thing and hit the mother lode of amateurish imagery?

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