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Just When It Seemed It Couldn’t Get Any Worse For The Maple Leafs, This Happens

You are struggling through yet another woefully underachieving season. Disgruntled fans are throwing waffles at you. You’re in New Jersey, of all the Godforsaken places on this planet. Now this.

Following a 4-1 win over the Devils, the Maple Leafs team bus was stranded for four hours last night on New Jersey Route 24 after authorities shut down a stretch of Route 24 due to the wintry weather conditions currently afflicting the Northeast, although I would like to point out that this storm appears like child’s play to a hearty Minnesotan soul like myself, but that’s another story altogether.

Seriously, imagine it: being stuck on a bus from 11:00 at night until 3:00 in the freaking morning. In New Jersey. Yeesh. I wonder what they did to pass the time. Is it possible that they strapped on the skates for a game of pickup hockey on the frozen roadway, kind of like that Verizon Wireless commercial featuring Alex Ovechkin where the Capitals take on the Flyers on the iced over tarmac? Because that would have been cool. At the same time, the Maple Leafs would have somehow figured out a way for every player participating to lose. You know, because they suck and stuff.

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