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Has It Melted Yet? The First Layer Of Ice Is Down At Heinz Field For The Winter Classic

Nah, I’m just kidding. It likely will not be the balmy 50 degree temperature – which is the current New Year’s Day forecast for the Pittsburgh area for the NHL Winter Classic between the Capitals and the Penguins at Heinz Field – that will be the cause of a buttload of trouble for the ice surface. According to NHL operations facilities manager Dan Craig, the ice surface can be easily kept at the requisite 22 degrees courtesy of a state of the art refrigeration system. Instead it will be the sheets of rain falling on the ice which will wreak havoc, possibly to such a degree that it could be deemed unplayable.

That’s why the NHL – the clever bastards that they are – have several contingency plans in place if for some reason the game cannot be held at 1:00 on January 1st. In fact, the league has something they are referring to as a “long window” in which the game can be played.

Via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

If the game cannot be played Saturday, the league has reserved Heinz Field for Sunday and will attempt to play the game then, according to an e-mail from Jamey Horan, NHL vice president of player development/event communications.

If the game cannot be played Saturday or Sunday, it will be rescheduled for later in the season in Consol Energy Center. No details were available regarding ticketing or refunds.

Sounds like the NHL dotted all their “t’s” and crossed all their “i’s” for this one, which is kind of a funny joke when said out loud as opposed to reading it typed out. Get it? Crossed “eyes,” as in their eyes are crossed because they’re dolts? Seriously, you should try it. Say it with me. Come on, man, don’t be a such a stick in the mud. Bringing the funny requires a collaborative effort between reader and writer here at the Sportress. Clearly I cannot do it all on my own.

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