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Charles Barkley’s NFL-Related Zingers, Volume II: Today, Rex Ryan’s Foot Fetish

A couple of weeks ago, Barkley was riffing on Brett Favre and how a man sending photos of his small junk to women violates the Ten Commandments. Next up? Rex Ryan’s alleged dalliances with foot fetishism. Here’s Chuck expertly sidesteps questions regarding what kind of fetishes he might be into and what he thinks the Jets should do to bust Rex’s chops about his supposed perversions (via Sports Radio Interviews):

What kind of fetishes he has that people would find interesting:

“Clearly you don’t want to be on TV anymore or radio if you don’t want to know about the Chuck fetishes. Hey, I would have the FCC light up like a Christmas tree… But I have got to say this, Rex Ryan is the best. I love Rex Ryan, he is the best.”

Whether he would joke with Rex Ryan if he were one of his players and if so, what he would do:

“Oh yeah, you have go to. Well if I was on that team, the next meeting I would have every player and every coach come in without shoes on, something like that. Dan that is the best thing about playing sports is the time you make fun of each other. Everybody comes in without their shoes on, something like that.”

Classic. And since it’s all in the spirit of making fun of each other, setting aside the incredible humiliation of it all, Ryan most assuredly would think it was all good and quite the amusing jab. It’s all about the delivery and timing, I guess.

Barkley on Rex Ryan: “If I was on that team, I would have every player and every coach come in without shoes on” [Sports Radio Interviews]