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Wait, Landon Donovan Is Filing For Divorce From This Gal?

Although separated since last July, TMZ is reporting that Landon Donovan has made the split official by filing for divorce from actress Bianca Kajlich. I don’t know about this move by Donovan, man. Talk about out-kicking your coverage. Wait, does that phrase work in soccer parlance? Yeah, I think it might.

Via FOX Sports:

The Los Angeles Galaxy player, who has played on loan for English Premier League team Everton, is seeking spousal support from the “Rules of Engagement” star and also wants her to pay his attorney’s fees, according to court documents obtained by the celebrity news website.

Wow, a spousal support and attorney fees claim? So, let me get this straight: co-starring on an awful CBS sitcom pays better than being the most recognizable and successful American-born soccer player? If that doesn’t speak volumes about the unfortunate state of soccer in the U.S., I don’t know what does.

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