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No Harm, No (Foot) Foul: Respect For Ryan Hasn’t Diminished ‘One Iota’ For Jets Owner

Speaking publicly for the first time since the “This-Little-Piggy-Went-’Wee!-Wee!-Wee!’-All-The-Way-Home-Gate” story broke, Jets owner Woody Johnson spoke glowingly of Rex Ryan, making it abundantly clear that he stands firmly behind his beleaguered coach, even if it is eventually confirmed that he and wife enjoy dabbling in the the kinky stuff from time to time.


“I have a lot of respect for Rex and his family,” Johnson said, “and my respect has not diminished one iota.”

Iota? That’s one of those tiny bones in the foot, right?

Jets owner Woody Johnson affirms respect for Rex Ryan, says no decision on Sal Alosi yet []
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