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If This Guy Is Trying To Get Semin On His Hands, He’s Sticking Them In The Right Place

It’s funny because it’s a screengrab from HBO 24/7 Pens/Caps: Road to the NHL Winter Classic of Capitals winger Alexander Semin receiving treatment and his last name of Semin sounds an awful lot like “semen” and if you go along with the wordplay long enough and pair it with the image above, one could speculate that whether he was trying to get Semin or semen all over his hands, they’re placed in the correct location. Granted, some manual manipulation would be necessary in both cases, but I don’t have to explain everything to you people, do I? Alexander Ovehckin receiving treatment and it’s a funny play on words since Ovie’s teammate is named Semin, which sounds an awful lot like “semen,” it’s a clever play on words, although not as funny nor clever as it would have been if that had been Alexander Semin on the table but I was too caught up in the humor of it all to take any time to actually look at the photo because it is totally obvious that it’s Ovie, not Semin. Also, I’m a huge dumbass.

Ayhoo, the esteemed Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy is the man responsible for bringing this inappropriate comedy goldmine to my attention and he would like you folks to come up with your best caption for the awkwardness. Simply tweet the best caption you can come up with and add the hashtag #HBO247. Have fun. Just try not to be a ginormous idiot like me. God.

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