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Think The New Logo For The Big Ten Sucks? Create Your Own Logo Redesign, Win $150

As you may well know, when Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany revealed the new logo for the updated Big Ten Conference, it was met with much derision and gnashing of teeth. Now an upstart website is putting its money where its mouth is and is inviting all those who believe they could create a better logo to go ahead and offer it up.

The site, (not affiliated with the Big Ten, but as astutely pointed out by my pal Michael Rand, the fact that they spell the Commissioner’s name wrong would have been a good clue), has opened up a little competition to see if any Joe Schmo with MSPaint and some spare time can create a vastly improved and inventive logo than the one which presumably cost the conference hundreds of thousands of dollars, as well as the cause of several intense roundtable discussions and a multitude of focus groupst.

The purpose of this site is for you to submit your ideal logo design and share it with the community. We will allow voting and the top vote-getter by January 30th will be passed to conference commissioner Jim Delany for his review and will win the full sponsorship pot. Please note that you will be fully credited with any creation so please make sure that you provide all of your details (name, email, etc.). Submit your ideas, have fun, and spread the word. Through all of this we can get something really great for the Big Ten.

Pretty good deal, right? Show the Big Ten what’s what about logo designing and earn a little scratch on the side. And you never know, maybe as Delany contemplates giving new names to the Legends & Leaders divisions, he’ll catch wind of this little contest and before you know it, you’re the genius behind a brand spanking new logo! No, it probably won’t ever happen, but you can dream, right?

[H/T RandBall]