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The Hippie Running The SF Giants Twitter Account Is Puffing On The Wacky Tobaccy

Caption for the above photo uploaded to twitpic by @SF_Giants:

Who stayed up to watch the Moon congratulate the #SFGiants on their World Championship last night?

Um, yes, the moon is literally congratulating the Giants on their World Championship. Yeah, I get it – the moon took on a orangish hue due to the eclipse on Monday night. Crazy stuff. It’s almost as if the cosmos foretold the ultimate outcome of the 2010 World Series eons ago and scheduled a lunar eclipse to occur at an imprecise moment in time having virtually no relation to a World Series victory two months ago. Killer, dude.

At the same time, this isn’t the first occurrence of some San Franciscan burnout attempting to equate something groovy they saw in the skies to the possibility that the universe is ethereally sending congratulatory and/or celebratory messages regarding the Giants’ World Series victory. Look to the skies, Giants fans. There’s a message in there somewhere. You just have to look hard enough to see it. Or drop some acid. Either way, the truth is out there.

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