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Ron Artest: Jesus Has Mad Ball Skills, Never Gets Ejected

Jesus Christ, Rounballstar?

Ron Artest truly is the quintessential gift that keeps on giving. While defending Kobe Bryant getting ejected last night in the Lakers’ 98-79 loss to the Bucks, Artest insisted that throughout history, the only baller never to get ejected from a game was J.C.

From Fanhouse (via The Basketball Jones):

“It happened in the past, it happened in the present, it happened in the future,” Artest said. “Not just for him. All players (get ejected). That happens a lot of times. You see guys get ejected. Rip Hamilton got ejected (recently) in Detroit. Bob Cousy got ejected … The only person who never got ejected was Jesus.”

Artest was asked if he had checked Jesus’ box scores.

“No ejections,” Artest said. “He was 10 for 10s, a lot of 20 for 20s (in shooting). Perfect from the free-throw line. Infinity rebounding stats.”

Artest was on a roll after the game. He even cracked, “I’m giving out some good quotes today, aren’t I?”

Interesting. But no mention of whether or not when you get Jesus on the court if he’s trouble, as in if he could just go out and f**k around and get a triple double? Too bad.

And while I cannot comment on the veracity of Artest’s claims regarding Jesus Christ’s even-keeled approach to basketball – where does one find Jesus’ box scores in the first place? The Book of Numbers?* – I can certainly agree with Artest when he states he was giving out some good quotes, as he always does.

* yes, I am aware that the Book of Numbers was a book in the Old Testament so there is no way that there would be any mention of Jesus in said Biblical texts. Work with me, people.

Kobe Bryant Ejected as Lakers Lose Focus, Fall to Bucks [Fanhouse (via The Basketball Jones)]