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Just So You Know, Eli Manning Wasn’t ‘Lonely Eli’ For Very Long At Presser

Over the past couple of days, folks on the interwebs – myself included – have had a delightful little time amusing ourselves with the video of Eli Manning being forced to wait to do his postgame press conference after the Eagles debacle because the assembled media were taking a long time to assemble. Many took this as a slight to Eli, but ESPN New York writer Ohm Youngmisuk (best name ever) has had all he can stands and he can’t stands no more of all the mocking and ridiculing of Eli as well as the perceived sloth, laziness and insensitivity of his media counterparts. Youngmiusk wrote a column to clear the air about exactly what occurred that Sunday afternoon.

Via ESPN New York:

But this wasn’t a slight by the media or a case of reporters ignoring Manning, who didn’t have to wait too long. And it was nothing unusual. Following every game, Manning and other Giants stars such as Justin Tuck conduct their news conferences at the same time as the rest of their teammates are talking in the locker room.

Reporters in the locker room are alerted by the Giants public relations staff multiple times when Manning is heading to the podium. Although the players can walk directly to the podium area from their locker room, reporters have to take a roundabout route.

Oh, I see. It’s a distance and route issue. That makes sense.

Youngmisuk continues:

Manning got dressed and was ready for his news conference while reporters were still interviewing defensive players and special teams players about the Giants’ unbelievable defensive collapse and DeSean Jackson’s touchdown return. Oftentimes reporters have to make a choice to stay in the locker room and talk to a player they need or go ask Manning or another Giant in the podium area a question. On this day, the story was more about the special teams and defense than Manning, whose answers also would be provided on a quote sheet for reporters afterward.

Manning didn’t really conduct a one-man news conference, as one might think from the video. Several people showed up during the course of his presser.

And credit the always classy Manning, who stood and patiently waited after one of the most difficult losses of his career and understood the circumstances.

All’s well that ends well, I suppose. Because several people who work in the media capital of the world showed up during his press conference. I bet that made Eli feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And he remained classy to boot. Just like his Eco-Drive Citizen Watch.

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