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Hulk Hogan’s Got A Bad Back, Doctor Said He Needs A Backiotomy

Hulk Hogan has checked himself into a Florida hospital for a much-needed surgical procedure on his bad back. Exact details regarding the surgery have not disclosed at this time, but it is safe to say that years in the sports entertainment business are the likely cause. Either that or the years of attempting to carry his untalented daughter’s fledgling music career has finally got the best of him.

Hogan is now a shocking 57-years-old, which makes perfect sense when you consider how long he has been around but nevertheless causes me to feel incredibly old, and it should come as no surprise that his body might be beginning to cease up and quit on him, although if I were a betting man, I would have wagered his ex-wife Linda would have been the Hogan requiring back surgery first, for obvious, saggy reasons. Gross. She looks like a broken-in catcher’s mitt.

Hulk’s admittance into the hospital for surgery is only weeks after his marriage to girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel, but considering the disaster the nuptials turned into, Hulk probably should be grateful he’s only in the hospital for back surgery.

Alas, where have the years gone? It seems like only yesterday that Hulkamania was running wild and I was taking all my vitamins. Now, the Hulkster is slowly turning into a broken-down old man. Time waits for no man, I guess, even for a Real American like Hulk Hogan.

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