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Awesome: Lou Holtz To Guest Star On Disney Channel’s ‘Special Agent Oso’

Brilliant. Absolutely, positively, certifiably brilliant.

It was only a matter of time before someone realized that ESPN college football analyst Lou Holtz is practically an animated character in the first palce, so why not take the next logical step and plunk him in the middle of a cartoon? And so it is has occurred: Coach Lou will guest star on the Disney Channel’s Special Agent Oso program on its January 7th episode. Special Agent Oso stars Sean Astin as Oso, who along with Holtz, also shares a unique connection with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, portraying Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger in Rudy.

Via ESPN Media Zone:

In the episode titled “Dr. Throw,” Special Agent Oso helps a little boy named Rudy learn how to throw a football in time for his Uncle Lou’s (voiced by Holtz) visit.

Unfortunately, the videos in the release are not embeddable, so you will have to go here to see them in their animated glory. But I am sure you will agree simply by looking at the above picture that the animators did a wonderful job of capturing Coach Holtz. I suppose you could say the animated version is a “spitting” image of the genuine article.

With ESPN owned by Disney, this is an example of some simply stupendous cross promotion. I only wonder, given the multitude of options due to the bevy of colorful personalities currently employed by ESPN, who Disney might have their eyes on next.

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