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When It Comes To Cursing On HBO, Gary Bettman Is No Tony Dungy

By now, many of you have heard at least a little bit of the new HBO documentary, 24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road to the NHL Classic, some of you might have even caught a minute or two of the show. And as you may have also heard, a controversy erupted regarding Capitals head coach Bruce Boudreau’s choice of “working blue” when the cameras were rolling. Of course, a similar ruckus ensued after Jets head coach Rex Ryan was filmed using salty language during Hard Knocks. Leading the charge  of the “Stop The Swearing Insanity!” movement was Sensitive Christian Man Tony Dungy, who harshly criticized Ryan for his colorful manner of speaking.

Thankfully, the NHL appears to be more open-minded regarding grown men swearing. We need look no further than the Commissioner himself, Gary Bettman, for a much more realistic outlook on what kind of choice language might be heard in its locker rooms. Via Yahoo!/AP:

But Bettman called it a natural part of “the ultimate reality show.”

“You’re watching a team and in particular a coach going through a very difficult time,” Bettman said at a media breakfast Tuesday to promote the Winter Classic between the two teams. “No one in this room is prudish enough to think that locker room language isn’t coarse.”

The commissioner added, “Both teams have handled themselves beautifully.”

Dammit, I spend most of time trying to think of new and inventive ways to ridicule the usually inept and befuddled Bettman, and now he pulls a stunt like this…and totally redeems himself! Not cool, Bettman. Not cool. On second thought, it is totally cool, but he’s completely mucking up the program and messing with the bit. But I’ll give credit where credit is due. For once, Bettman is allowing a wonderful marketing opportunity for the NHL occur naturally and isn’t getting his clumsy paws all mixed up in something and screwing it all up. Good on you, Bettster.

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