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So, A Ron Artest-Themed Art Show Was Held Recently In Toronto…

Oscar Wilde once said, “A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.” I have no clue what that particular quote by Wilde has to do with this particular story, but it was the first one I came across after doing a Google search for “quotes about art,” so I ran with it.

But in way, I suppose any quote delving into the concept of “unique temperament” is fitting when discussing Ron Artest, and perhaps an equally fitting way of describing a similarly unique recent one-night art show in Toronto, a 32-piece collection by 28 artists dubbed “Lovable Badass: Artists on Artest,” an event the man himself reluctantly attended. In fact, Artest was quite taken aback by the exhibit and event.

“It was kind of overwhelming,” Artest said. “I didn’t know what to expect. I was by myself. I didn’t have no security or nothing, nobody guiding me through things. I had to get comfortable real fast.”

And comfortable he eventually became, although Artist’s emotions turned, in his words, “nasty,” when he perused one piece, “Good Defense 1”, a slightly homoerotic take by artist Diana McNally of when Artest and the Celtics’ Paul Pierce became entangled.

“Oh, man, that’s the worst picture ever,” Artest said when he saw McNally’s work, though it did not stop him from signing it and posing with her for a photograph.

FOX Sports’ Billy Witz wrote a great piece on the evening, which goes into far more detail regarding the event, something I would highly recommend taking the time to read if you are fascinated by the world of Ron Artest, the world of art, or when those seemingly disparate worlds become intertwined. But for now, please enjoy a gallery of some of the more provocative pieces that made up the exhibit.

I’m pretty sure the Ron Artest Thriller piece is my favorite. Although the Peanuts-themed piece is pretty far out as well.

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