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NHL Analyst Mike Milbury Might Be A Bit Of A Pervert

If you see this man milling about your neighborhood, notify authorities immediately

If you are unfamiliar with NBC NHL analyst Mike Mlibury’s body of work – at least as it pertains to his broadcasting career – well, he can be a bit on the obnoxious side. I’m not implying that he is a terrible analyst, but personally, I find his style a bit abrasive. But never had I suspected until this moment that Milbury might be a total perv. Not only that, but Milbury also appears to have the requisite predisposition to become a potential Peeping Tom.

To wit, here is what Milbury had to say about how NBC executive producer Sam Flood should go about covering NHL poster boy Sidney Crosby for the upcoming 2011 Bridgestone Winter Classic, which will pit Crosby’s Penguins against Ovechkin’s Capitals at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh and will air on NBC on New Year’s Day (via Game On!):

“I said to Sam: I want them to get the cameras in Sid’s bedroom to see if he scores as much there as he does everywhere else,” joked Milbury, the former player and coach-turned NBC’s NHL Game of the Week studio analyst.

Um, okay. Of course, Milbury said it in jest and was simply trying to get a laugh, but something about his comments troubles me. It is often said that there is a bit of truth in every joke. The question is, in Milbury’s case, just how much truth is embedded in his little joke? Given how Milbury – much like the rest of his NHL analyst ilk – worship the ice Sid the Kid skates on, I would not be surprised in the least if Milbury wouldn’t mind getting his hands on some of that aforementioned raw footage. Strictly for hockey analyst-related purposes only, of course. And maybe for a little voyeuristic thrill as well. I mean, the guy’s clearly got some issues.

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