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MSU Football Coach Mark Dantonio Now Has An Ice Cream Flavor Named After Him

There are few honors which can be bestowed upon a person that are more gratifying than having their very own flavor of ice cream named after them. Just ask Jerry Garcia. Well, you can’t ask Jerry, but I am willing to bet he thought the whole gig was pretty groovy. And don’t bother trying to ask Larry Neapolitan or Barry Peppermintbonbon, either. They’re dead, too.

But you could, however, ask Michigan State Spartans head football coach Mark Dantonio about how it feels to have a flavor of ice cream bearing his namesake now that a winner has been named in the “Name the Bowl Flavor” contest. The name of the ice cream flavor which will be sold on the MSU campus in its Dairy Store is:

Dantonio’s Double Fudge Fake. Yum.

The name, come up with by five-year-old Aidan Rouse of Alpena, Michigan, obviously is in tribute to Dantonio’s gutsy call in the Notre Dame game earlier this year when he ordered a fake field goal in overtime, which, while not going precisely as planned, resulted in a 29-yard touchdown pass from Aaron Bates to Charlie Gantt in the Spartans’ unbelievable 34-31 victory over the flabbergasted Irish. But who cares about that? What’s the deal with the ice cream?

Via USA Today/AP:

The flavor features chocolate ice cream mixed with a butter fudge base, a caramel swirl, chewy chocolate brownies and milk chocolate caramel-filled footballs.

Mmmm…milk chocolate caramel-filled footballs. Spheroidically delicious! A big congratulations to little Aidan Rouse on winning the contest, although I have to say that while Double Fudge Fake sounds delightful as a flavor of ice cream, the term has an entirely different meaning in prison, and my guess is the experience is nowhere close to as pleasant as enjoying a scoop of the new ice cream while hanging out at the Dairy Store.

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