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You’ve Got The Wrong Guy! Some Random Dude Named Matt Dodge Got Twitterbombed

Ha ha. Yeah, probably not a good day to share the same name as the beleaguered – and soon to be unemployed, I reckon – Giants punter who inexplicably punted to DeSean Jackson in the waning moments of the Eagles-Giants game yesterday. Of course, as you all know, the rest is kick-Giants-fans-in-the-junk history: Jackson returned the punt for a touchdown, the Eagles capped a historic comeback and, evidently, any  person named Matt Dodge with a social media account – in particular this guy – cringed as the vitriolic hatred for the Giants punter unfairly descended upon them.

In any event, it must suck to share a name with a person who has achieved an unwelcome and unflattering level of notoriety, especially in a town like New York City. Maybe this Matt Dodge fellow should simply change his Twitter handle until everything blows over. O.J. Dodge would be a nice choice. You know, because if there’s a Seinfeld reference hanging out there, I’m taking it.

Giants Punter Creates HELL for Man w/ Same Name [TMZ]