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Eli Manning’s Stinky Farts Were So Nasty Last Night The Media Room Was Evacuated

If it wasn’t Eli’s wickedly noxious gas clearing the room, than what was it? Is there any other possible explanation for why there is nary a soul in attendance as Eli stepped up to the podium for his press conference after yesterday’s debacle? The bastard cleared the damn room.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself. Even Eli couldn’t tolerate the toxic smell of his own brand yesterday:

Yeesh. He’s clearly not pleased with the odor emanating from his nether regions. Gross.

But back to the empty press room. All I’m saying is maybe if Eli had informed someone he was going to float an air biscuit, they could have made the necessary ventilation adjustments and everything would have been fine.

Yeah, float an air biscuit. If he was going to fart, squeeze cheese, he could have let someone know, okay? They would have hit the fan. Jesus, haven’t any of you people ever seen Weird Science?

Caption This: Has Anyone Seen the New York Media? [The700Level]
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