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Do You Know Who Loves Karl Malone Toyota? Google, That’s Who

“I love my new car!” “Thank you!” – Google

Did anyone else have any inclination that Google was in the market for a car, let alone a Toyota? And what kind of sweet talking did the salesperson do at Karl Malone Toyota to get Google behind the wheel of something on their lot?

I sure wish I had been made aware¬† of Google’s need for a car. Had I known, I would have tried to dissuade Google from purchasing a Toyota and instead go the route that Excite* did and look into purchasing a low-mileage Hyundai from John Stockton¬† Hyundai & Subaru (“At John Stockton Hyundai & Subaru, they got Hyundais and Subarus”).

* yes, Excite actually still exists. And looking mighty fine, I might add. Mighty fine, indeed.

[H/T NESW Sports]