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Dennis Rodman ‘Worms’ Out Of Saying Who Would Win Game Between His Bulls And Heat

At least that’s how I see it. Judge for yourself. Here’s how Rodman ambivalently responded to a question from Sid Rosenberg on who would win a game between the Big Three from the Miami Heat and him, MJ and Scottie Pippen during a radio appearance on WQAM in Miami (via Sports Radio Interviews):

“No contest. That’s not even a question.”

Um, okay. So his opinion is what exactly? Sure, we can reasonably surmise that Rodman believes he and his old teammates would beat the Heat, but he didn’t really state his opinion clearly one way or the other. He just said “no contest.” And how is this question not a question? Or did he mean to say there’s not even a question? That would at least have made sense.

Jeez Louise, that Dennis Rodman, he’s like a tattooed enigma wrapped inside an alcoholic riddle stuffed inside an STD-riddled puzzle. But hey, at least he wasn’t getting a beej during this radio interview. I think.

Dennis Rodman on the Bulls’ Big Three Squaring Off With Miami’s Big Three: “No contest.” [Sports Radio Interviews]