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49ers DT Justin Smith Must Be Psychic Or Something, Ejected Before Blowout Ensues

Talk about an extraordinarily prescient action. San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle Justin Smith was ejected from last night’s game against the San Diego Chargers in the 2nd quarter after he shoved official Garth (Party on, Wayne) DeFelice – a Bermanism occurrence! – as he was mixing it up with some opponents after DeFelice attempted to separate him from some Chargers players. Personally, I didn’t take in the Thursday Night Football action – I had paint drying that needed watching and a sock drawer that needed rearranging.

At that point in the game, the Chargers were only up 7-0, but as we all know now, a beatdown was about to ensue, as the Chargers went on to whip the inept 49ers to to the tune of 34-7. The fact that he was ejected prior to the game getting out of hand begs the question: did Smith have foreknowledge of the events to come and whether he was consciously aware of it or not, purposely got himself removed before the carnage? Spooky.

Video of Smith’s mea culpa while meeting with reporters after the game follows.

For those of you without video capability or are prone to finding themselves terrified by moving images, Smith said that it was the “[f]irst time I really watched a game from the locker room,” and added (via the San Francisco Chronicle):

“I wasn’t even aware it was the official at first,” Smith said. “Me and the tight end were kind of going at it. It was kind of a natural reaction by me. Rules are rules, you’ve got to respect it. It’s unfortunate it cost the team.”

Ah, don’t get so down on yourself, Justin. Even if you had been in there, I’m pretty sure your presence alone wouldn’t have prevented the ultimate outcome and related carnage. But hey, look who I am telling this to: a damn psychic. Obviously, he knew how it was going to play out well before we did. Smith should probably do his coach a solid and inform Mike Singletary that he will be looking for a job come January. It would be a nice way of putting his gifts to good use for the benefits of others.

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